I began working with clay in a time of crisis in my life more than thirty years
ago. Since then I studied with teachers in the U.S. and in Europe, combining those studies with my work as a psychologist. who for many years was in conversation with people wanting to make changes in their lives. I also travel widely and have worked in situations where political and natural disasters have upended the lives of the people I met.

These experiences come forth in my work in clay. I take my observations of people and gather these impressions to create moments of life often between two or more figures.  I am interested in the relationships between people and the ways in which they touch and do not touch one another.

I have several ongoing projects. One is based on photographs of people at bus stops in Oakland some of which were part of the “Scout Oakland” show at The Compound Gallery. The second series are comissioned works,which  I have named “Captured Memories”. based on photographs that people have given to me of important moments in their lives and in the lives of people that they love.  From these photographs I attempt to capture the energy, relationship and preciousness of loved moments. The third series is Homelessness  based on photographs in the Bay Area of people who live on the street and the buildings around them.  It is my attempt to look at and invite others to look at the people livinging on  the street from whom we often turn away. These sculptures were shown at The Expressions Gallery in Berkeley and The Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, California where one of the sculptures: Three Men in the Park" won an award. and another was part of a juried show at the San Luis Obispo Museum.  Another  series is based on intergenerational family narratives. It is called:  Family Legacy Totems: Treasures that Prevail.  Figures, symbols, and shapes in the form of totems tell family stories that should be retold. Collectors who want their own family legacy totems co-create the toems with me. After studying drawing in Italy I have created a series of bas reliefs of people at borders. New bas reliefs focus on current protests against injustice and new figures are in bronze..